Hemphill P. Pride II

Hemphill P. Pride II, son of the late Dr. Hemphill P. and Maud Pendergrass Pride, was born in Columbia, South Carolina.   His father was a dentist in both private practice and as an employee of South Carolina Department of Mental Health.   In 2002, Dr. Pride was recognized by BellSouth for his work in the Richland County Public Schools for implementing the first dental health care program for negroes.   His mother was a public school teacher in Columbia, a successful business woman and the first African-American woman to be licensed by the State of South Carolina as a real estate/insurance broker.

Hemphill Pride attended public schools in Columbia, and graduated from C. A. Johnson High School.   He attended Johnson C. Smith University, Blaton School of Accounting, and South Carolina State College School of Law.   In 1962, he graduated from Florida A & M College of Law where he obtained his Bachelor of Law and Juris Doctorate degree.  He was admitted to practice before the South Carolina Bar in 1963, and before the United States Supreme Court in 1968.   In 1964, Pride was elected President of the Columbia Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and 1965, he became a life member of the NAACP.   In 1968, Hemphill Pride was the first African-American to hold office in the South Carolina Young Democrats as he was elected Vice President.   In 1973, he was the first African-American to serve as a prosecutor and was appointed Assistant Prosecutor for the City of Columbia.   In 1972, Governor John West appointed Pride to serve as a member of the South Carolina Housing Authority.   That same year, he was elected by the Board as Vice Chairman of the Authority.   In 1974, Governor James Edwards reappointed him to the South Carolina Housing Authority where he served until 1977.  In 1999, Pride became the first African-American to serve as attorney for Richland County School District One.  His professional memberships include the South Carolina Bar, Richland County Bar, Federal Bar Association, National Bar Association, Wolverine Bar Association and Columbia Black Lawyers Association.

Pride is a former member of the Board of Directors for the World Affairs Council.  He is a member of Ladson Presbyterian Church where he serves as an Elder.   Pride is also a senior member of the Summit Club and a member of the Capital City Club.   Special Awards and Appointments include:  Patriotic Service Award for Active and Patriotic Participation in South Carolina's Observance of Our Nation's Bicentennial, 1976; 1977 Highest Achievement by the University of South Carolina Chapter of the Black American Law Students Association; 1987 Recipient of the South Carolina Black Family Summit Award of Achievement in the Field of Political and Legal Rights; South Carolina's 1987 Coordinator for the Student Law Day Project of the Federal Bar; 1991 Appointment by State Superintendent of Education Barbara S. Nielsen to the Urban Schools' Sub-Committee for the Education Excellence Team; and, 1993 Award of Appreciation for Participation in Sunday School Symposium at St. John Baptist Church.   Appointments in 1997 include the Extra Curricular Task Force Committee for Richland County School District One, South Carolina's Special Envoy to Gabon (Africa); and, National Urban League Quarter Century Club.   In 2002, Recipient of the Matthew J. Perry Award by the Columbia Black Lawyers Association.   And, in 2005, Award of Appreciation from the Youth Advocate Program, Inc., South Carolina Division.  In 2008, the Whitney M. Young, Jr. Award by the Columbia Urban League, Inc. in recognition of leadership and advocacy in promoting equal opportunity and social justice for the disenfranchised through the legal system. Pride is married to the former Nathalie Hélène Dingalt of Gabon; and, he is the father of five children:   Pride Hemphill III, Elliott, Ki-Ga, Touami, and Linous.

"Presently, Pride practices law in Columbia, South Carolina [Law Office of Hemphill P. Pride II, LLC] specializing in state and federal criminal defense; Plaintiff's civil litigation; accidents including, but not limited to, automobile, planes, trains and buses; Plaintiff's labor law; and, Immigration-deportation."